Moving Forward

Here’s the thing about loss: it’s never made right, but it is made easier to bear. 

Wether we’ve lost a loved one, lost a relationship, lost a dream, a hope, an expectation, the aching doesn’t last forever. I’m not going to be so foolish as to say that all is made right again, and we feel completely and wonderfully restored, but we are often given the strength to stand up again. And when we do, our resilience writes a beautiful chapter in the story of our lives. There has never been something as lovely as when someone rises from the ashes. 

I’ve lost a lot of things in the last little while, as I’ve shared on this blog before. Hopes, dreams, love, and trust were snatched away from me when I was silly enough to believe they were mine to keep. And I would be lying if I said I was okay. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t angry and that I had moved on completely. But here’s the thing with life: it keeps going, and time really does heal. We are given new hopes, new dreams, new things to love, and healing. It is when we wallow in our grief, when we only mourn and refuse to rejoice, that we are drained of our hope and our joy–and this is simply not the way any Christian ought to live. It can often be comforting to hold on to our pain as some mantel to remind us of the injustice done to us. We feel like if we forget it, then that makes it okay. But let me tell you friend, this is not the case. If someone has wronged you, or something has happened in your life that has brought you great sadness, no amount of forgetting will make that event “okay”. No amount of forgiveness or grace will make that initial event “alright” or “permissible”. But that is what you leave in the hands of God, who is just, and will deal with it Himself. 

Please be free to live a life a beauty and joy, free of those who have hurt you or left you. You’re wonderful and amazing because God Himself made you that way, and anyone who doesn’t see that is missing out. And let me tell you, they’ll regret giving up their place in your life before too long. You will heal, and you will be shown the amazing journey before you. And if you’ve lost a loved one, remember that your living brings more honour to them then your giving up. They loved you. You loved them. What an amazing gift in a world of pain. 

And to those who have lost love: it will find you again. Because you’re worthy of it, and there are not many others in this world like you. You’re a rare find, and when you are discovered by the right one, you will see why every other candidate was unworthy. 

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