First Fall Adventures

In recent months, my weekends have become very mundane and boring. Especially now with school starting, I spend most of the weekend working, because I can’t during the rest of the week. While I love my job, it’s hard to be stuck in the same unexciting routine sometimes. I’m used to seeing people and going places, not going to work, just to go home, just to go to work again.

So this weekend was a bit of a treat for me. On Thursday I had coffee with two of my lovely friends, and I worked all day Friday. My roommate and I watched Ramona and Beezus–the greatest movie to watch when you’re single and in a current state of bitterness towards romance. We had a great laugh.

On Saturday my other roommate and I headed to work (I recently got her a job at the cafe) first thing in the morning (and by “first thing” I mean 6am). I spent some time reading and relaxing before my shift started, and worked for 8 straight hours. We were extremely busy, but it was great for passing the time.

You see, I was eager to be off work because my friend Sarah and I were going to the Local Natives concert that night. After making a stop at the Eaton’s Center to buy a shirt that didn’t reek of espresso, I headed to Queen’s Quay for the show. I met Sarah and we ventured in to the show, and we happily discovered that it was a relatively small crowd. Small shows are the best shows.


And oh my was this the best show. After forcing myself to listen to a severely mediocre opening band, the Local Natives came on and played for nearly two hours. Every song was perfect, their stage presence was awesome, and they involved the crowd a lot. They were almost better live than recorded–an amazing thing to find in a band. They played a great mix of their old songs and songs from their new album, which was great for me, since I hadn’t heard their new stuff yet. And let me just say that it was such a privilege to hear the album live first. I’ve seen Mumford, City and Colour, and Death Cab live as well, and the Local Natives were nearly better than those three shows combined.


If that was enough to make for an awesome weekend, my friend Erica and I took an trip downtown to Queen West to celebrate the first day of Fall. We went to Tealish, an amazing loose leaf tea shop, and had yummy tea lattes. We walked through Trinity Bellwoods Park, where they were having an art festival. We stopped at Murray’s Sandwich Emporium for some delicious food, and headed home with flowers and mini pumpkins in hand. The best way to spend the afternoon!


And now I’m off to write a paper on metaphysics. And I’m quoting John Green in it. Because I’m awesome like that.

Today’s Take-Aways:

  • Listen to the Local Natives. Best songs: Mt. Washington, Shape Shifter, Sun Hands
  • Go to Queen West: it’s lovely and cultural and awesome.
  • Drink tea: it’s good for you and generally amazing.
  • Spend time with great friends: you’ll never regret doing so.

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